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Our recent Deepak Chopra post shows how a modern-day, scientifically trained author thinks about mind and body.  But, long before there was a Deepak Chopra, there was Wallace Wattles.   Wallace Wattles did not have the kind of medical and scientific training Chopra has, but he did have tremendous insight into the power of mind.

We recently added a featured page on Wallace Wattles to highlight his early insights into the relationship between mind and health.  These insights are  contained in his book, The Science of Being Well.  Although this book was published in 1910, it shows how to exert the power of mind using a type of positive visualization and affirmations.  If you would like to see where many of the new age ideas about mind and health came from, it is worth a look.  Especially, the first few chapters.  Our featured page contains a link to a plain text version of the book.  Enjoy.

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