Positive Affirmations

From a new age perspective, the power of mind can be used to influence many aspects of life, including personal success, physical health, and spiritual well-being.  A variety of techniques can be used to harness the power of mind. The use of positive affirmations is one such technique.


Positive Affirmations Create Change

What are positive affirmations?  They are firm statements that a particular condition is true even if it has not yet been manifested.  In this sense, they are much like the older concept of autosuggestion introduced by Émile Coué in the 1800’s.  In his work as an apothecary Coué noticed that positive comments he made concerning a medicine’s effectiveness seemed to enhance the effect of that medicine. Later as a hypnotist, Coué came to believe that the unconscious aspects of mind can be programmed by repeating specific positive phrases at the beginning and end of each day.  Over time, the unconscious mind was said to absorb the positive messages.  Most importantly, through the influence of the unconscious mind, these positive messages were eventually manifested in conscious behaviors and bodily processes.

In more recent times, Coué’s ideas have been recognized as promoting a kind of inner dialogue or self-talk.  Many contemporary psychologists and counselors make use of the concept of self-talk in their work with clients. For example, clients may be urged to discover the self-talk that is adversely affecting their lives (“I am unworthy of love”). They are then shown how to confront negative self-talk and either change it to something more positive or to replace it with a more authentic internal dialogue in order to change aspects of self.

Clearly, the new age concept of positive affirmations is related to autosuggestions and self-talk.  But, they are qualitatively different. Positive affirmations are thought to be even more powerful agents of change across virtually every aspect of life. Positive affirmations are statements of intent sent out into an abundant universe.  They not only reprogram the workings of the mind and influence everyday behaviors, they are said to attract actions from the universe.  Thus, positive affirmations can be used in an effort to attract things and conditions of life not yet present.  Health, wealth, success, and happiness can all be the target of positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are phrased in the first person and in the present tense, rather than the future tense.  They should be phrased simply and precisely with respect to goal to be achieved.  In sum, positive affirmations are spoken (or written) in a way that affirms the reality of a particular condition. For example “I am filled with healing energy” Or, “I have all the money I need”.  Positive affirmations tend to be most effective when they are uttered or read aloud while in a state of calm and quiet.  But, positive affirmations may be repeated throughout the day, as you are trying to impress the statement or statements on the unconscious.

Notice that you must accept the idea that positive affirmations will “work”.  You must act as if the affirmed conditions are already present.  You cannot let your intellect challenge your affirmations. You must suspend disbelief.  Otherwise, your attempt to attract changes through your affirmations will fail.

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